Residential training

You want a quick change, but you don’t have time, energy? Choose residential training! Through regular daily activities, the dog acquires 4 months of knowledge in up to 1 month.

During the residential training, our professional trainers deal with dogs. In a new environment, with new people, the dog leaves his old habits at home and adapts much more easily to the new rules. We teach him the right behaviors, both among humans and dogs. In addition to mastering basic command words, the dog learns the boundaries, becomes more liberated, obedient, and calmer. We choose the right method to move and wear a dog, and keeping it at home gives the owner a balanced, happy companion.

Training time 4-6 weeks (The pace of development depends on the lack of socialization or bad innervation. It may take longer to repair or treat them). Training is continuous while the dog is not going home. Your visit will also follow the training pace.

In the first two weeks, the work of the dog will be established, for which time a personal meeting is not recommended. In order to be effective, the dog can be visited on the third and fourth weekends, where the joint work with the owner begins.

The success of the training is based on us putting 80% of the work into the dog and 20% with the owner.

During the training, we regularly make videos and provide information about the dog’s development and work.

General curriculum:

walking on a loose leash next to his feet (heelwork)



staying at one place

gate rule (the dog must not approach the open gate or go out after the master, only after the master)

alien man, animal cultured greeting

bouncing, leaving unnecessary barking


alleviation and elimination of bad habits and nervousness

Curriculum may vary based on the needs of the owner and the limitations of the dog.