Door to Door

If the owner is not able to take care of his dog on weekdays, our trainers will bring the dog home and then take him back after the session.

Our trainers with high professional knowledge will go for the dog on the pre-arranged days and then arrive at the dog school to deal with it as agreed. This can be specifically a socialization session for shy or aggressive animals, it can be combined with herding work, guarding, preparation (for an exam, competition, show, breeding test), etc.

We can bring several dogs at once. Development also depends on the dog’s habitus, level of dominance, type of nervous system, and mental limitations. Knowledge becomes certain for the owner even if he also practices with the dog (not only do we have a good dog, but you do too!).

General curriculum:

getting into a car, traveling

walking on a loose leash next to his feet



staying at one place

gate rule (the dog must not approach the open gate or go out after the master, only after the master)

alien man, animal cultured greeting

bouncing, leaving unnecessary barking


alleviation and elimination of bad habits and nervousness

Curriculum may vary based on the needs of the owner and the limitations of the dog.