Advanced group

The goal of the advanced group is to be able to guide the dog anywhere, under any circumstances, on and without a leash.

The session also includes preparing for internationally recognized exams, depending on your dog’s abilities!

Advanced curriculum:

free tracking – the dog learns to walk next to his feet without a leash

concentration – even in disturbing conditions, looks at the farmer, does not look out

sitting on the way – the dog learns to sit down without a body sign as the owner moves on

laying on the way – the dog learns to lie down without a body sign as the owner moves on

statement on the way – the dog learns to stop at the first word without a body sign as the farmer moves on

staying in place – the dog stays seated / laying down, no matter how far the owner moves away

laying – the dog stays lying down even in disturbing conditions, even when he cannot see the owner

call in – in a group, even with external distractions, first runs quickly to the host and then sits directly in front of him

getting to the feet – moving the dog to the right from the front of the planting to the feet, or

aligning to the left, sitting at the farmer’s feet

change of pace – the dog learns to move quickly and adjust to the owner’s foot, without leash and signaling

change of direction – the dog learns to change direction quickly and accurately, even without a leash and signal

stop! – if the owner stops, the dog sits next to the foot immediately, quickly and accurately without a command

forward – the dog runs straight ahead on the command and then lies down on the command while the owner stays at the starting point

contribution – the dog stays at the foot while the owner throws the tree over the obstacle / plank, then jumps over the command word, picks up the object, jumps back to the owner and sits in front

It is possible to take BH or IPO exams together, in a team.

Conditions for participation in the course:

Existence of compulsory vaccinations and kennel cough vaccination and their confirmation by presenting the vaccination book, successful completion of the intermediate group (if you have studied elsewhere before, we will assess the dog’s knowledge)

What to make:

single-row chain collar, leather or textile collar, leather or textile leash, reward wall, toy, feces collection bag.