The era of imprinting is one of the most significant in a dog’s life.

This is the period when the dog’s behavior and personality develop. He is curious, he watches his environment, he learns to adapt. What happens at this age will have an impact on your entire life, both positively and negatively. In a foreign environment, the puppy encounters new situations and we teach him how to react, how to solve the given situations (for example a fearful dog escapes screaming before the others chase him, but as soon as he stops, the others too = learns if he is scared, will not rush, but rather stop and wait patiently for it to be sniffed).

From about 4 months to 7-8 months!

Kindergarten occupation is usually a great common herd game, with several minimal obedience practices and playful tasks.

Kindergarten curriculum:

socialization – they get to know and love the dog company

Conflict management – with direct tasks we increase the dog’s self-confidence and thus learn to manage conflict

greeting – the dog learns how to open to familiar or unfamiliar people, dogs

play – the puppy learns how to play with other dogs or the owner

communication – learns to express yourself and interpret the signals of other dogs

getting used to jumping

refusal to eat – the eb cannot eat the food offered, thrown, found

leash driving – basics

call – up basics

skill tasks – mini obstacle, mini plank

Conditions for participation in the course:

microchip, rabies, combined and parvo vaccinations, kennel cough vaccination, and their confirmation by presenting the vaccination book

What to make:

collar, leather or textile leash, reward wall, toy, feces collection bag