Intermediate group

The goal of the intermediate group is for the dog to perform basic obedience tasks stably in all circumstances.

The intermediate and beginner curriculum are the same, but here we expect the dog to perform more precise, accurate, and faster tasks.

Intermediate curriculum:

free follow – up

concentration – the basis of everything !! the dog dares to look into the eyes of the owner, we dissolve all inhibitions, thus increasing the dog’s self-confidence, deepening the relationship between the dog-owner and the communication between the two of them

socialization – with other dogs, people, objects, noise and sound effects

Conflict management – with direct tasks we increase the dog’s self-confidence and thus learn to manage conflict

refusal to eat – the eb cannot eat the food offered, thrown, found

leash driving – the dog learns to ride on a loose leash

sitting – face to face and feet

laying – face to face and feet

statement – from the front and next to the feet

staying in place for the short term – the dog stays in place for command, for e. while we get in and out of the car at home

call in – in a group, even with external distractions

pace change – the dog learns to adapt to the pace of the walking person

change of direction – the dog learns to follow the owner on a loose leash without a command

stop! – if the owner stops, the dog will sit down automatically without a command, for e. at a zebra crossing

skill tasks – obstacle jumping, crawling, slalom, board climbing

Conditions for participation in the course: existence of compulsory vaccinations and kennel cough vaccination and their confirmation by presenting the vaccination book

What to make: single-row chain collar, leather or textile collar, leather or textile leash, reward wall, toy, feces collection bag.