Agility training

Can’t you wear out your puppy ?!

Unable to concentrate?

Build a relationship with him!

The agility world champion (FCI-AWC 2017 Liberec, Agility gold medal as a member of the Hungarian Media Team) Adrienn Szabó will teach you the technique so that you can enjoy the time spent with your dog and not be a burden. We look forward to seeing you! 

„In agility sports, the most important thing is harmony, the relationship and communication between the dog and the person. Working together, success is a positive experience for both parties. Most dogs have a great need for active activity, especially if they can do it with their owner. We can start agility with a dog of any age and breed if there are no physical barriers. It significantly develops and maintains both physical and mental abilities. Both parties are able to drain their excess energies to the maximum during an activity that is enjoyable for them. It has a very, very good effect on the dog’s relationship with the owner in everyday life as well.”

We will teach you in small group classes, which you can sign up ont he Facebook site.